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Family photos are a treasured gift, but if you've ever worked to get your family dressed and out the door for a family session you may be weighing the value compared to the physical and mental cost of it all!    I KNOW....  I have 7 kiddos of my own...I've been there!  So how do you get those priceless photos, without  all the stress?!  TIME!  That's what I bring to the table....well, and experience.    I've been around children my entire life, and the one thing kids never respond well to, is being rushed.  My family sessions don't have a time limit, they can take 20 minutes or they can take 60 minutes.  During your session we leave room for adventure and exploring.  When a child becomes comfortable with their environment, the magical shots happen.    My goal is to make your session a fun memory for the whole family!  Get ready squeeze each other, play, laugh, find treasure and capture photos that you hold dearly to for a lifetime.          

Family Session Adventure Package - $325

Includes digitals and prints

**send me a HELLO for more details!

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