contact/get to know - Photo by RED

Who I am

My name is Chariese, and I'm the face behind the camera. I can tell you a story with just one picture.  My super power is, that I can freeze time.    I find joy in making people cry.   My best friends usually weigh under 10lbs.  I think every baby has red hair.  My favorite 5 people , I grew myself.  The love of my life, is the same height as me, dark, beyond handsome, and Jesus knew I needed him.

The seed planter

My Human Hero was a simple lady, who drank Kahlua in her coffee, while grooming dogs. She believed babies were always born in three's.  She was the only one on the road, that knew how to drive.  She stayed up late watching scary movies, eating jello and drinking hot tea.  She made every person she knew, feel like they were her favorite. She was the midnight phone call that lasted for two hours.   I received my freezing time, super powers, from her.   I find peace knowing my Grandma is dancing in Heaven,  and I can't wait to kiss her face again!

My Promise

As your photographer, I will fall in love with your family.  Each one of my clients become my friends.  A session with me is  not just a business transaction, it's  a promise to make you cry happy tears when you see your final images.  It's a promise to show you my time freezing super powers.   It's a promise  to ooohh and aaahhh over every perfect inch of your new baby.   It's a promise to capture every  "she said, yes" , "I do",  "were having a baby", "aren't they perfect", "I can't believe how fast they've grown",   and every moment in between.  


I'm addicted to coffee, babies and music that makes me cry.  I can't live without Jesus' grace and mercy, my husband who  continues to love my very unpredictable, "I have an idea",  moody self,  and my super talented kids that constantly make me a proud mama.

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