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My name is Chariese, I'm a wife and mother to 7.  I'm a creative, and very competitive.  I was born and raised in Arizona and love the heat.  The older I get the less stuff I want.    I wish for quiet time, with no interruptions and then when my wish is granted, I go looking for company.  

I've been photographing for just about 10 years.   When asked what my favorite thing to photograph is, my answer is, people.  I love shooting the in between moments.   My style of photography is friendship.  I love getting to know my subjects, laugh with them, build trust and relationship, then we're family, and when you are around family you let your guard down  and my job gets easy;)

Why photography.  This has changed over time.  I used to have a very generic, cheesy know you've read them before..haha!   When I first started it was so exciting, the sound of the shutter, being the go-to photographer for every family/friend function.  Then I got burned out, frustrated, stuck.  It was tiring to follow the trends,  and to always be the, "yes" photographer.    Over the years,  I've pushed myself to walk away from the Pinterest boards, learn my value and to serve my client.  I shoot what I love.  My clients hire me because they love the way I tell their story.  Connecting with my client is priority number one.   Your photo session should be a fun experience, not something you dread.   I capture your family, like I capture mine....with love. (See, I still have a bit of cheesy in

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